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Welcome to first grade! I am very excited to get started learning about each other and having fun learning together! This year we will learn about numbers up past 100, adding and subtracting, reading, writing, using a computer, our solar system, animal adaptations, sound and light, and so much more. I have been busy getting our classroom setup (with a few little helpers) full of bright rainbow colors and so many fun learning tools.


I hope you have been having a great summer. We had such a nice mix of warm days good for riding bikes, building forts and swimming, and some rainy days good for splashing in puddles, reading books, watching a movie and playing board games. There has been a lot of all those things going on at my house this summer. I have a daughter, Violet, who is 11. She loves hedgehogs, swimming and horseback riding. Sometimes she will come over from LMS and be a helper in our class at the end of the day.  My son, Sage, is 9 and loves Minecraft, Nerf guns, building forts, and parkour (he wants to be an American Ninja Warrior). He can often be found in one of his forts laughing at a Calvin and Hobbes book. My youngest, Forest, is 6. He loves yard work, building things, Legos, swimming and he is learning to read. He has a mini construction site in our yard full of dump trucks, shovels and holes. You will hear stories about them this year, I am sure. My husband, Mr. Anctil, works with computers but his real love is cooking. He especially loves cooking BBQ.


Here is a list of some of my favorite things:

          Food: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

         Drink: fruit smoothies and water

         Activity: swimming, reading, gardening

         Way to spend a day: with my family playing games, hiking or camping

         Season: every new season is so exciting for me!

         Sports: Patriots football or watching my kids play soccer and lacrosse

         Book: Too many to choose! This summer I read some of the same books as my kids so we could talk about them, such as Holes, Harris and Me, a Wrinkle in Time and the Little House on the Prairie books.  I also love Greg Tang books, Elephant and Piggy, and Laura Numeroff books.


Weekly Newsletter


Day A - PE


Day C -Music

Day D - Library

Day E- Art


 Supplies for first grade:

Backpack, lunchbox and water bottle

Healthy snack

1 two-pocket folder (for music class)

2 glue sticks

6 Pencils (we will be sharing a class supply of pencils, so they won’t be your child’s personal pencils)

Deck of playing cards (also a shared supply for all the fun math games)

1 2” pink eraser


Some kids like to keep a notebook in their desk to write or draw in during free time.  

*The classroom could always use Clorox wipes, paper towels, tissues, Ziplock bags, non-perishable snacks, stickers, and plastic spoons.


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