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Student Handbooks Online
Student Handbooks for GMS, LMS and CHS are now being published online. In an effort to be more environmentally and digitally friendly, the Litchfield School Board has approved the online publishing of all student handbooks.

Student handbooks for GMS, LMS and CHS can be found in the Home tab menu or at the bottom of this article, along with a parent and student acknowledgement form that must be downloaded, completed, printed and signed by both parent and student, and returned to the appropriate school office.

If you would prefer a printed copy, please notify the main office of the school your child attends and one will be provided to you.
Attachments Available To Download:
2018-2019 CHS Student Handbook
CHS Handbook Acknowledgement
2018-2019 GMS Student Handbook
GMS Handbook Acknowledgement
2018-2019 LMS Student Handbook
LMS Handbook Acknowledgement