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LEA Contract & Special District Meeting
A complaint to schedule a Special School District Meeting of the Litchfield School District, is on file with the State of New Hampshire Superior Court office.  The Court has schedu7led a Hearing on Petition for August 12, 2019 at 1:30 pm in Nashua, NH.  For more details or to view the summons complaint, click on the link provided. 
The Litchfield School Board held an Emergency Meeting on June 27, 2019 to vote to call a Special Meeting to approve the cost items of the ratified renegotiated 2019-2022 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the LEA and to appropriate the funds for the CBA.  Please click on the link to view the notice of the vote to call a Special Meeting. 
To view the ratified agreement between the Litchfield Education Association and the Litchfield School District, click on the link provided. 
Attachments Available To Download:
School Board Notice to Call a Special Meeting.pdf
Summons to Schedule a Special Meeting
Ratified Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019-2022
Cost Savings for CBA 2019-2022