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Volunteering in Our Schools
The Litchfield School District encourages individuals to volunteer in our schools and welcomes individuals who are interested in student teaching or interning in our district. If you are interested in volunteering or student teaching in our district, volunteer guidelines and the corresponding forms are now online. This information can be found under the District tab (Volunteers and Student Teaching) or click on the Volunteers and Student Teaching menu item in the menu at the right.
Please read the instructions provided carefully.

Please be sure to call the building principal of the school in which you are interested in volunteering or student teaching to make an appointment to meet with the principal for orientation. You must complete the online orientation, complete all relevant forms and bring them with you to your appointment. Please be sure to complete and sign the Volunteer Orientation Acknowledgement when you have completed the orientation presentation.

Thank you for your interest in our district.

Litchfield SAU #27