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School Board Goals
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School Board Goals
The Mission of the Litchfield School Board is to provide rigorous and varied educational opportunities that challenge and engage all students to attain their highest level of intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth.


The Litchfield School District will provide a learning environment that increases achievement in the areas of academic, intellectual, physical and social growth that meets the needs of all students



  • Analyze and examine the frequency of standardized assessments and implement a schedule that maximizes student achievement.
  • Increase the percentage of students that make annual growth objectives annually.
  • Increase SAS test scores from baseline data annually for each grade level cohort.    
  • Increase SAT and ACT scores annually.
  • Increase technology options at the elementary school level:
  • Increase access to GMS computer technology for students in grades K-1 (currently offered only to students in grades 2-4). 
  • Increase access to world languages in lower grade levels.
  • Promote a positive culture in all schools.


            The Litchfield School district will develop confident, responsible and productive students with post-

            graduate aspirations for all students and their interests.



  • Strengthen and enhance pathways for students who may not want to go to college.
  • Investigate and recommend to the School Board additional offerings that diversify post-graduate  interests and plans.
  • Reinstate senior mentor program for students who may struggle with post-graduate interests and plans. 
  • Analyze programs that address issues that impact teenage students and determine if they are effective:
    • Project Safeguard: a conference with workshops that address current issues impacting teens;
    • Challenge Day: a program that creates safe, open and caring spaces for students and adults to connect.
  • Analyze college and career readiness:
    • Collect pre-graduate feedback about student perception of college and career readiness through surveys or focus groups.  
    • Collect post-graduate feedback about college and career readiness through surveys or focus groups in the fall of the year after graduation.  


               The Litchfield School District will implement and assess the effectiveness of the Supervision          

                          and Evaluation model regarding student achievement, improved instructional strategies, and

                          professional development.



  • Review data of both objective and subjective measures, broadening of student learning opportunities, targeted professional development;
  • Review data of co-curricular evaluation process. 


              The Litchfield School District will review, update, and support the Capital Assets of the District.



  • Implement a safe, supportive and effective learning environment by:
    • Charge Capital Planning Committee to provide a 5 year Capital Plan for the school district;
    • Analyze options to upgrade the elementary and middle schools with involvement from the community;
    • Consider options for plans to propose a new school and reinstate a Building Committee to analyze all options;
  • Define the current state of district buildings/grounds and implement a comprehensive five year preventive maintenance program for all district buildings/grounds.
    • Update and maintain buildings/grounds and facility systems database.


                    The Litchfield School District will support, encourage, and facilitate two-way communication within the 

             district among staff, parents, and the community regarding shared involvement in a quality education.



  • Develop and implement a community awareness and engagement program. 
  • Engage teachers as leaders, developers and designers of curriculum, consulting and move toward project-based learning;
  • Analyze and improve communication from teachers to parents;
  • Investigate and make recommendations to the School Board about enhancing media presence in the community.
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