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Campbell High School

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The WATS Club

The WATS club is an extra-curricular program that started at the high school about 2 years ago. It was made for students who would like to have a social life and get together with their peers but do not always feel comfortable making plans. This club provides an opportunity for students to get together and expand their social life and social skills.

The group meets every second Monday of the month, one meeting is at the school on the third Monday of most months.

During these meetings we have snacks, plan an event and even participate in an activity. 

Usually the second meeting is off-site where we get to do one of the events we planned. Unfortunately during these times we won't be able to do that this year. But we still do encourage people to join! 

Last year, some of the events included seeing a movie, bowling, roller skating and teen nights at the Londonderry YMCA.

We communicate events through Google Classroom, announcements, posters and now Google Meets!