New Superintendent Announced
 The Litchfield School Board announced on Feb 21, 2018 that Dr. Michael Jette will be the new Superintendent of the Litchfield School District effective July 1, 2018.
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2017-2018 Litchfield School District Bus Routes

Below are the revised bus schedules for transportation in the Litchfield School District.  
Please review the schedule for the school your child or children attend as there have been some minor adjustments.  
Please keep in mind that the bus routes cannot be changed until October.
Important Information
School districts in New Hampshire are required to provide transportation for students to schools within their district consistent with RSA 189:6:
RSA 189:6 Transportation of Pupils. - The local school district shall furnish transportation to all pupils in grade 1 through grade 8 who live more than 2 miles from the school to which they are assigned.  The local school board may furnish transportation to kindergarten pupils, pupils in grades above the eighth or to any pupils residing less than 2 miles from the school to which they are assigned, when it finds that this is appropriate, and shall furnish it when so directed by the Commissioner of Education. 
Litchfield School District Policy EEA:
All pupils in grades 1-4 shall be offered transportation to ensure the safety of arrival at and departure from the Griffin Memorial School, which is located on Route 3A.
Pupils in grades 5-8 and 9-12, living at a walking distrance more than one mile from their assigned school shall be offered transportation.
Students in grades 9-12 who use District transportation may be assessed a transportation fee, which will be approved by the School Board.
RSA 189:8 Limitations and Additions. - Pupils entitled to transportation in accordance with RSA 189:6 may be required to walk a distance not to exceed one mile to a school bus stop established by the local school board.  Pupils residing in areas which are inaccessible by a local school district's established mode of transportation may be required to walk a distance not to exceed 1.5 miles to a school bus stop, provided that the vehicle, route and schedule have been approved by the Commissioner of Education.  School Districts shall assure that pupils shall not be subject to unsafe conditions while walking the required distance to a school bus stop and that the school bus stop is established in a safe location.
Litchfield School District Policy EEA-R:
Students assigned to District transportation shall walk to the nearest assigned bus stop up to the following maximum distances:
a.  Grades 1-4: 1/2 mile
b.  Grades 5-8: 1 mile
c.  Grades 9-12: 1 mile
The walking distances specified in the policy may be modified at the discretion of the Busines Administrator if the road or highway is judged to have an excessive amount of traffic creating a safety hazard for youngsters walking along said highway.
Bus routes are established by the Transportation Contractor and Business Administrator, subject to review by the School Board.  Routes will be over the most direct roads practicable for bus travel to serve those entitled to transportation service and to maximize bus utilization of the fleet.  Routes will be designed so that up to 65 students will be assigned for each 77 student capacity regular size bus.
Requests to Add or Change a Bus Stop
Requests to add or change a bus stop must be made to the transportation company, First Student, and approved by the Business Administrator of the Litchfield School District:
  • Notify First Studenty by calling 603-883-0251;
  • Make your request to the bus compnay;
  • First Student will review the stop and evaluate the request;
  • First Student will notify the Business Administrator of the request and the result of their review of the stop;
  • The Business Administrator will approve or deny the request based on the review by First Student and district policy;
  • The Business Administrator will notify First Student and the requester of the decision.
Requests for Alternate Transportation
Requests for students to ride a different bus than that to which they are assigned, either in the morning or the afternoon, shall be made in writing and submitted to First Student with a copy to the Business Administrator's office.
The form to request alternate transportation can be found below.
The request will be reviewed and evaluated by First Student and the Business Administrator.  The requester will be notified of the decision. 
Note:  There should be no expectation that bus routes will remain the same from school to school or year to year.  
Routes for elementary school students and middle school students include more frequent stops than do those for high school students. 
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