New Superintendent Announced
 The Litchfield School Board announced on Feb 21, 2018 that Dr. Michael Jette will be the new Superintendent of the Litchfield School District effective July 1, 2018.
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School Board Policy Manual
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 2016113124249398_image.jpgLitchfield School District Policies
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Policy Manual Introduction
Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitment
AA School District Legal Status
ABA Community Involvement in Making Decisions
ABAA Volunteer InvolvementStaff Involvement in Decision Making
ABC Student Involvement in Decision Making
AC Non-Discrimination
ACE Non-discrimination on the Basis of Handicap/Disabillity
AD Educational Philosophy
ADB Drug Free Workplace/Drug Free Schools
ADC Tobacco Products Ban
BGB Policy Adoption
BGC Policy Review and Evaluation
BGD Board Review of Administrative Regulations
BGE Policy Dissemination
BGF Rescinding of Policies
BHC Board-Employee Relationship
BIA New Board Member Orientation
BIB Board Member Development Opportunities
BID Payment for Services Rendered by School District Officers
BIE Board Member Indemnification
BJ School Board Legislative Program
BK School Board Memberships
BKA Liaison with School Board Associations
Section C: General School Administration
CA Administrative Goals
CB School Superintendent
CBB Appointment of Superintendent
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent
CCB Line and Staff Relations
CF School Building Administration
CH Policy Implementation
CHA Development of Regulations
CHB Board Review of Regulations
CHCA Approval of Handbooks and Directives
CLA Treatment of Outside Reports
Section D: Fiscal Management
DA Financial Management Plan
DB Annual Budget
DBB Fund Balance
DBC Budget Preparation
DBI Budget Implementation
DBJ Transfer of Appropriations
DC Taxing and Borrowing Authority/Limitations
DD Funding Proposals and Applications
DEA Revenues from Local, State and Federal Tax Resources
DFA Investment Policy
DFE Gate Receipts, Fees and Admissions
DFEA Free Admissions
DFH Student Activities Fund Management
DG Depository of Funds
DGA Authorized Signatures
DH Bonded Employees
DI Financial Management and Reporting
DID Capital-Fixed Assets
DIE Audits
DJ Purchasing
DJB Purchasing Procedures
DJC Petty Cash Accounts
DJD Cooperative Purchasing
DJE Bidding Requirements
DJF Local Purchasing
DJGA Sales Calls and Demonstrations
DK Payment Procedures
DKA Payroll Procedures
DKC Expense Reimbursements
DKCA District Travel Reimbursements
DM Cash and Checks in School Buildings
Section E: Support Services
EB Safety Program
EBBB Student Accident Reports
EBBC Emergency Care and First Aid
EBBD Indoor Air Quality
EBCA Emergency Plans
EBCB Emergency Drills and Procedures
EBCC Bomb Threats
EBCD Emergency Closings
EBCE School Closings
EC Buildings and Grounds Property Management
ECAB Buildings and Grounds Access and Security
ECAC Vandalism
ECAF Audio and Video Surveillance on District Transportation
EDC Authorized Use of School Owned Materials/Equipment
EEA Student Transportation Services 
EEAA Video Surveillance on District Property
EEAE School Bus Safety Program
EEAEA Requirements for School Bus Drivers
EEAF Special Use of School Buses
EEAG Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students
EF Food Service Management
Section G: Personnel
GA Personnel Policies Goals
GBA Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAA Sexual Harassment - Employees
GBCC Staff Anti-Fraternization
GBCD Background Investigation and Criminal Records Checks
GBE Employee Rights and Responsibilities
GBEA Staff Ethics
GBEBB Employee/Student Relations
GBEBC Gifts and Solicitations
GBEBD Staff Communication with Students
GBGA Staff Health Examinations
GBGAA HIV Policy and Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control
GBGBA Use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
GBI Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBJ Personnel Records
GBK Complaint Policy
GCAA Highly Qualified Teachers
GCB Professional Staff Contracts
GCBC Supplemental Workmens Compensation
GCF Professional Staff Hiring
GCG Substitute Teacher Employment
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCNA Supervision and Evaluation of Instructional Staff
GCO Supervision and Evaluation of Instructional Staff
GCR Non-School Employment

Section H: Negotiations
HP Employee Job Actions
Section I: Instruction
ICA School Calendar
IF Instructional Program
IFA Instructional Needs of Students with Disabilities
IGA Curriculum Development
IGD Curriculum Adoption
IGE Curriculum Guides
IHAE Physical Education
IHAK Character and Citizenship Education
IHAM Exemption from Instruction
IHAMA Teaching About Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
IHB Class Size Policy
IMGA Service Animals

Section J: Students
JCA Change of School or Assignment
JEB Age of Entrance
JEC Manifest Educational Hardship
JECA Policy to Determine Residency
JECB Admission and Tuition and Non-Resident Students
JF Student Rights and Responsibilities
JFCJ Safe School Zone
JG Assignment of Students to Grades and Classrooms
JH Student Attendance, Absenteeism and Truancy
JHFF Skateboards and Rollerblades
JIBA Student Government
JICA Student Dress Code
JiCD Student Conduct and Discipline
JICD-R Administrative Procedure for Pupil Safety and Violence
JICDD Student Conduct Cyber-Bullying
JICE Student Publications
JICEA Student Productions
JICF Gang Activity
JICFA Hazing
JICH Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICK Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention
JIH Student Searches
JJ Student Co-Curricular Activities
JJE Student Fundraising Activities
JKAA Use of Child Restraint and Seclusion
JKD Suspension and Expulsion of Students
JLA Student Insurance Program
JLC Student Health Services
JLCA Students Physical Examinations
JLCB Immunizations of Students
JLCD Administering Medication to Students
JLCF Wellness
KDCA Use of Students in Public Information Program
KDCB Use of Students in Non-School Public Information Program
KE Complaint Policy
KG Use of School Facilities
KGA Running-Walking Track Use
KGD Use of Motor Vehicles on School Grounds
KHB Advertising in the Schools
KI Visitors to the Schools
KMA Relations with Parent Organizations
KMB Relations with Booster Organizations
Section L: Education Agency Relations
LA Inter-organizational Relations
LC Relations with Educational Research Agenies
LDA Student Teaching and Internship
Procedures and Regulations
Photocopying Procedures
Right to Know Memorandum July 15 2009
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