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Litchfield School District

“Imagine Greatness…Expect Success!”



The Litchfield School District believes that education can be the most powerful mechanism of social change.  We strive for all members of our community to be empowered learners ... learners who experience meaningful relationships and fulfillment from learning.  We create productive learning environments in which students can develop academic, social and emotional skills needed to succeed in life.  

To effectively navigate the ever changing world of technology, economics, politics and social justice our students must embrace a mindset of continual growth and learning.  The focus of learning is designed for students to be successful in the dynamic environments in which they will live and thrive.  Producing meaningful high-quality work, developing a sense of self, and engaging with the larger community results in educational excellence.

Important Resources for Parents

Competency Based Learning 101 - From the 3/15 Forum