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Campbell High School

“Imagine Greatness…Expect Success!”


Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations

Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations

Core Values, Beliefs and Learning Expectations


Campbell High School’s mission is to join together with parents, students, staff and community to become a collaboration of learners exhibiting character, courage, respect and responsibility in all aspects of life.


1. All students and staff are capable of engaging in rigorous and challenging educational opportunities in which individual talents, lifelong learning and full potential are fostered.

2. Faculty and staff are committed to encouraging all students to be self-directed learners who can achieve their personal best academically, socially and civically.

3. All students can develop an understanding of their own strengths and learning styles.

4. A safe, supportive and healthy learning environment promotes wellness in spirit and physical, mental, and emotional maturity.

5. All members of the school community promote Campbell pride, spirit and integrity.


Campbell graduates will be college and career ready because they can:


1. Read actively and critically for diverse purposes

2. Communicate effectively using a variety of mediums

3. Write effectively for a variety of purposes

4. Utilize current technology and other resources to research, organize and evaluate possibilities to enhance learning

5. Think critically, creatively and effectively in order to solve problems, and to transfer solutions to complete authentic tasks across all disciplines


1. Exhibit personal responsibility and initiative

2. Understand, appreciate and respect diversity

3. Work cooperatively in an atmosphere of mutual respect


1. Contribute as an active member of the community

2. Demonstrate civic responsibilities


Student Council 4/19/2013

Leadership Committee 5/1/2013

Faculty 5/7/2013

School Board 6/2013