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Q: I have children at different schools. Can I deposit their lunch money using one check?

A: No, we can split a deposit only when the children attend the same school.

Q: As a high school student, why do I have to enter my personal identification number (PIN) if I am paying cash at the register and have no money deposited into my account?

A: All middle and high school students are required to enter their PIN number at the middle and high schools in order to keep an accurate and ongoing record of purchases made on their account. All elementary students are issued a lunch card that is scanned to process that a meal/milk has been taken even if cash is paid daily.

Q: Why do my kids sometimes say that they are not being served the foods that are listed on the monthly menu?

A: When there is a problem with food deliveries, substitutions may occur on the menu. The school office is notified as soon as possible so that an announcement of the change can be made to the students. When snow days occur, we may serve the food we would have served on the snow day to allow us to use meat that was thawed for that meal.

Q: Will my child be offered an alternate lunch if s/he does not have money or enough money on his/her account to buy a lunch?

A:  If there is a negative balance on your child's meal account, your child will be provided with a meal from among the choices that are available to all students, with the exception of a la carte items and snacks.  The meal will be charged to your child's meal account.  A la carte items and snacks are not allowed to be charged on meal accounts with a negative balance. (See Policy EFAA, Food Services Meal Charging)
Q:  If my child's meal account has a negative balance and s/he is provided a lunch, why do I need to pay for it?
A: It must be charged in order to receive subsidies from the National School Lunch Program through the USDA. The USDA reimburses the school for one lunch per day for each student that takes a lunch.

Q: Can my child take more than one lunch?

A: The elementary students are allowed to purchase one lunch per day. Middle school and high school students may purchase more than one lunch if quantities permit. Second lunches are charged at the full paid rate to all students including free and reduced price meal students.

Q: Why do I have to pay the full price of just milk if my child is approved for free lunches?

A: The National School Lunch program offers lunch at no cost or reduced cost to those that qualify. Milk alone does not constitute a lunch and, therefore, must be purchased at the regular a la carte price. Ice cream and snack items that are not part of the lunch menu are also a la carte items and must be purchased.

Q: Do I have to pay online in order to look at my child's account?

A: No, you can view your student's account online even if you do not wish do make payments online.

Q: What happens to my child's balance at the end of the school year?

A: In the event a negative balance remains on the student's meal account, the designated school administrator will assist in collection of those balances.   Positive balances are carried over to the next school year regardless of which school your child attends in the district.  If a student leaves the district, any positive balance will be refunded.

Q: Where can I find out more about the National School Lunch Program?

A: You can find more information about the National School Lunch Program on their website at
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