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Campbell High School

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Sophomore Project

Welcome to the Sophomore Project Page!

All students must successfully complete and present a project during their sophomore year in order to graduate from Campbell High School. 

The Sophomore Project is a minimum of 30 hours of community service chosen by the student and approved by the Sophomore Project Clearinghouse. 

Opportunities to gain up to one full credit for the project are based on documented hours, a log that states specifically what was accomplished, signatures from the clearinghouse, and submitting appropriate paperwork to Counseling (67.5 hours = ½ credit, 135+ hours=1 credit). 

Note: Sophomores must complete the sophomore project by August during the sophomore year in order to be promoted to junior status.

 The Sophomore Project packet will be available yearly and provided to you through the Sophomore Project Clearing House Advisors. 

If you have any specific questions please contact Mrs. Green ([email protected]) and / or Mrs. Barry ([email protected]).