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Griffin Memorial School

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Special Education

The Litchfield School District special education programs are a subset of the regular education system that are designed to provide highly specialized instructional services for those students who are determined to be educationally disabled.

The Special Education Team is the heart of the special education process. The Team is a group of educational professionals and parents that must be established by a school district to make important decisions regarding its educationally disabled students. A Special Education Team may vary by size and membership depending upon the task to be completed, but its basic composition is established by state/federal regulations and depends upon the individual needs of the student. Typically, a Team might include the classroom teacher, the parents, a special educator, and an administrator.

Our Special Educators work hard to provide each student with educational excellence. You can contact our special education teachers by using the email links below.

Kindergarten - Tara Coakley

Kindergarten & Grade 1 - Hailey Legasse,  Molly Lundstedt, and Danielle Peckham          

Grade 4 - Molly Lundstedt

Multi Level- Allison Eley