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Campbell High School

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Student Council

Welcome to the CHS StuCo Page!

Advisor: Mr. McDonough

Student Council Officers 2021-2022 
Alex Kirby Co-President 
Aidan Scopelites Co -President 
Madison Bruner Vice President
Jocelyn Green Secretary 
Anastasia Brown Historian
Bridgette Hidalgo Treasurer

Class of 2024
Class of 2025
Class of 2026
Class of 2027
Michael Grieco
Hana Beg
Zachariah Alwan

Jack Kidwell
Bridgette Hidalgo
Hunter Henderson

Aidan Scopelites
Katharine Niswander
Emma Soldner

Student Representatives to the Litchfield School Board

Student Council Representative to the Campbell High School Community      

Honorary Members to the Campbell High School Student Council
 Anastasia Brown, Madison Bruner, Lucas Craig, Daniella D'Onofrio, Madison Dozois, Madison Lavoie, Ryann Morrison and Colby West
Nominal Members to the Campbell High School Student Council